Mansukh Special Tea has always been a favourite among our health conscious clients. Even those who are not, they also love it as a result of its wonderful taste. Our special teas have minerals and vitamins and also help you keep yourself energized throughout the day. We also have fluoride in our tea which is hardly found in other products, which is very good for preventing tooth decay and also gum disease.


Tooth decay is prominent even in children, which is considerably reduced due to fluoride. The natural ingredients we use in our teas also help you to prevent heart diseases. The flavonoids present in tea have proven to reduce the symptoms leading to heart diseases and hence they are a very good way to keep you hale and hearty. Tea has a very rich source of antioxidant and hence they avoid the free radicals which results in you looking young and glowing. Vitamin A, C and E, which are called the scavengers of free radicals, are also present in tea. It also contains 30% polyphones and B-carotene. Tea has said to reduce the occurrences of many other diseases like cancer, macular degeneration, and cognitive impairment, cardio-vascular diseases, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s and liver diseases.


These are the diseases which teas help incubate:


As the free radicals decrease, so do the chances of cancer. The high concentration of photochemical present in tea's helps to control these radicals. Studies have also showed that theaflavin and polyphenols present in the tea leaves, stop the growth of pancreatic and prostate tumour cells. Tea is very good to change the genes involved in the process of causing cancer.

Antibacterial Activity

Tea has tannin which destroys bacteria, virus and fungi such as Tobacco Mossaic Virus (TMV). It has been researched and observed that the extracts of green tea are effective against HIV as it activates V-lymphocytes in human blood. Tea also helps against fighting amoebiasis.

Preservation Activity

Mansukh Special Tea has tannin acid which is used for preservation of some fruit like apple, plum and orange.

Increases immunity

Tannin and the constituents present in it can efficiently destroy various micro organisms like bacteria, virus and fungi and hence they are great to fight against diseases and also increase your immunity.

Osteoarthritis Treatment

Mansukh Special Tea is very helpful in treating the rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis, especially in post – menopausal women. It gives strength and vitality to your bones.

Diabetic Treatment

The constituents present in teas increase the secretion level of estrogen hormone, which stimulates the secretion of insulin and hence protects us from diabetes.


Bleeding is checked if a tea bag is applied on the scar. It stops the flow and also helps heal the wound faster. Tea tannin activates the thrombocytes for rapid clotting.

Diarrhoeal Treatment

Tea tannin binds the mucosal membrane of intestines, which helps control diarrhoea.

Hair tonic, Perfume and Food flavour

Tea can be used as hair tonic as it has natural ingredients to keep your hair long and strong. Tea oils are used in a wide range of perfumes all over the world. As tea has a refreshing smell it is also used in various food flavours which makes the food taste good while also retaining its health benefits.