• Mansukh Special - CTC & DUST

    Available packs:
    50g, 100g, 250g, 500g & 1000g

  • Mansukh Special - DUST

    Available packs:
    50g & 250g

  • Mansukh Special - CTC

    Available packs:
    250g & 1000g

We have the best products of premium quality at your disposal. We not only make sure that we use the best tea leaves for all the different brands of teas but we also make certain that it lasts long and is packed using the best materials so as to keep it hygienic and free of microbes.


The Mansukh Special Tea is available in Hotel Dust and CTC Leaf varieties. We select the teas from the best plantations in Assam and also use the Darjeeling tea for its high freshness and exquisite taste. True to the caption on our tea packets, ‘Apki Chahat Ke Anuroop’, we deliver teas in different varieties suiting your tastes. Hotel Dust tea is an exclusive export quality tea brand which is ordered by many hotels comprising of 30% of the production. This tea is also very popular among tea stalls and restaurants.


Give us a chance to serve you your favourite brand of tea and we will continue to satiate your love for tea. With different teas packed in different packs, you are sure to find one of the most suitable tea for you from the variety of products that we offer.


Mansukh Special Teas are healthy, tasty and hygienic.