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About US

We had set up our first company with the name ‘Mansukh Special Tea’ in Rajasthan around 20 years back. Though the market was competitive and hard to crack in, we have today established ourselves as one of the premium brands providing tea all over Jaipur. Om Natani, the Founder and Managing Director of Mansukh Special Chai survived the competitive market and has now emerged as one of the reigning MD’s to rule the tea industry in Rajasthan.

The perseverance and hard work of our team has helped us arise above the bar and now we are considered as one of the leading names in tea manufacturers and suppliers not only in Rajasthan but also in northern and western India as well. Our quality and taste are no doubt the best among all Indian tea’s as we vouch for our premium teas. We provide value for money which makes our customers come to us again and again.

We established our corporate office in April 2002, which has been dedicated to Mr. Natani’s grandfather, late Shri Chhitter Malji, after which the company was named as ‘The house of Chhitter ji’. We have been serving our esteemed customers which have been loyal to us and have helped our brand to evolve over the years suiting the changing taste buds.

We are proud to proclaim that as of today, Mansukh Industries Limited has popular brands in the market- first one is ‘Mansukh Special Tea’ (Danedar) and the other one is ‘Hotel Dust’. Both of these are available in packs of 5gm, 10gm, 50gm, 100gm and 250gm. Recently, we have also introduced an economy pack of 1kg on public demand. We believe in the words ‘APKI CHAHAT KE ANUROOP’, which we inscribe on each of our consumer tea packets.

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You can reach out to us on mbchaiwala@gmail.com or via 9929054321.

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